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The HL series home, pilot, lab freeze dryers are economical, and with small processing capacity. HL series freeze dryers will be used in small companies, laboratories, universities, research institute and millions of homes.

HL series freeze dryers are mainly used for food, health products, nutrition products, biological products, pet food, herbal, coffee, milk, sea food and thousands of others. The product cooling is completed inside the machine or in his own refrigerator. And the users only need to put the pre-treated product into the tray, put product tray into the machine, and start the automatic operation program. If a refrigerator is used, products pre-freezing and freeze-drying processes are by two different machines, so they can be started at the same time, so as to save pre-freezing time.

freeze dryer, lyophilizer, freeze drying machineHL series freeze dryers are composed of a main machine and external vacuum pump. In the main machine, there are freeze dryer chamber, shelf, refrigeration, heating and control system. Temperature sensor and vacuum pump sensor is equipped to measure all kinds of production parameters.

Due to vapor condenser of HL series freeze dryers are less efficient than independent coils type of ones, moisture sublimated from frozen products cannot be condensed on the vapor condenser in time, would be partially suctioned into vacuum pump. Therefore, the vacuum pump oil has to be changed more often. This is an unavoidable demerit for this type of home freeze dryers, no matter which countries are they from, or which companies are they made by. The vacuum pump oil can be re-used after changing. The usage cost would not be increased due to vacuum pump oil changing. In addition, oil-free (dry) vacuum pump is recommended for a better performance. Oil-free vacuum pump is an ideal option for all freeze dryers including large industrial scale freeze dryers or pharmaceutical freeze dryers. 

freeze dryer, lyophilizer, freeze drying machineHome freeze dryers are small in size, and light weight. It is suitable for distribution with stocks for international markets. As the cost of the equipment is economical, the dealers do not need to spend much money to get them in stocked and meanwhile, they will have priority to be authorized to sell large scale industrial freeze-drying equipment in their country.






Fresh product (batch)

22-35 lbs/batch

Fresh product (annually)

6000 lbs/annually

Dried product (batch)

3.2-9.9 lbs (15-45% solid matter)

Dried product (annually)

900-2700 lbs (15-45% solid matter)

Working principle


Product cooling

In the machine or in your refrigerator

Usable shelf area

1550 in.^2

Number of shelves


Shelf spacing


Shelf dimension


Tray dimension


Number of product trays

12 pieces

Vacuum pump

Double stage

Ultimate vacuum level (Pa)

15 Pa

Refrigeration compressor

Full hermetic


Environment friendly

Product freezing temperature

-20°C to -30°C

Cold trap freezing temperature

-30°C to -40°C

Cooling way

By air cooling


By electricity

Installed power

3500W; 115/220V, 50/60Hz, single phase

Control system

Smart control

The way of packing

By fumigation free wooden box

Packing dimension


Total weight (G.W.)


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