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FD-200 Freeze Dryer

  • Input capacity:200kg/batch
  • Chamber dimension:4000*1800*2500mm

FD-200 is an integrated freeze dried machine for small commercial production. The FD-200 conductive freeze dried machine is good for a new starting vacuum freeze drying business, used for both food and other liquid solutions. KEMOLO is one of the best manufacturers and suppliers of industrial freeze dried machine with cheap price for sale. Contact us to buy the machine with a factory low cost price.

FD-200 Freeze-Dried Machine

The model FD-200 is a medium size "all-in-one" freeze-dried machine made by KEMOLO. The FD-200 freeze-dried machine is used for small production in a small freeze-dried food factory. This size of freeze-dried machine is not for trial production anymore, as its fresh products input capacity is 200kg or 200 liters. There is a big number of lyophilized products. The FD-200 is good for a new starting freeze-drying business enterprise. The FD-200 freeze-dried machine is a contact (conductive) type of freeze dryer, the same as the previous two smaller models, it can be used for both food and liquid solution, and part of pharmaceutical products like herbals and extract liquid. This type of freeze-dried machine is in an integrated structure, no need installation service.

How much can you make with FD-200?

Production period


Daily input capacity


Daily output capacity


Annually output


Lyophilized fruit price


Total turnover annually


How much is your profit?

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Why freeze dry food?
The advantage of freeze-drying cannot be replaced by other drying ways. The freeze-dried food has a long shelf life without additive and preservative. And the color, shape, flavor good as original, and most importantly almost no nutrition lost. 

Advantages of freeze-dried product
1, The biological activity is retained greatly processed by freeze-dried machine. 
2, No damage to the nutrition by freeze-drying. 
3, The freeze-dried material remains the same color, flavor and appearance as its original.
4, Longer shelf-life without additives and preservatives. 

The feature of FD-200 freeze-dried machine
The FD-200 conductive freeze dryer is made of AISI304 stainless steel, with a wide application range and economic for both shipping and installation. As an integrated structure, the FD-200 needs a small area to install the freeze-dried machine. The operation is simple: load the prepared food into the freeze-dried machine by trays, turn on the machine. And all workers can leave the plant for others work. After 20-24 hours, the food will be freeze-dried, get them out and pack into prepared aluminum foil bags. It does not need any people to take care of it during the machine running. Historical data records and a table of production data can be saved and downloaded as excel file. Automatic and manual control modes are standard configuration. Multilingual HMI in 4 languages, it can be switched at any page. 

Main components of FD-200 freeze-dried machine

Each single FD-200 freeze dried machine is composed by a chamber with shelf, trays, vapor condenser, refrigeration, vacuum, heating and control system. 

1, Chamber, shelf, trays and vapor condenser approved by CE, EAC, ASME and FDA.
2, Refrigeration system composed of Bitzer compressor and ASME pressure vessels.

3, Vacuum system composed of Leybold vacuum pump with a lowest pressure<10Pa.
4, Heating system composed electric heater and centrifugal pump.
6, Control system composed of Siemens PLC and CE approved electrics.  


Technical parameters of FD-200




Conductive type



Input capacity

200kg in 24 hours

Condenser temperature


Shelf temperature

-35°C to +60°C

Product cooling

in the machine

Product lyophilization

in the machine

Shelf area


Shelf spacing (mm)


Heating/cooling medium

Silicone oil

Heating/cooling exchange

Heat exchanger

Number of trays

60 pieces

Vacuum pump


Roots blower


Ultimate vacuum (Pa)

10 Pa

Chamber vacuum rate 

≤ 30 minutes





Cooling way

Water or air

Power requirement

32kW, 50/60Hz

Defrost way

By water

Control system


Installation area (m2)

25 m2

Chamber dimension


Estimated Weight (kg)


Application of FD-200 freeze-dried machine 
Freeze drying technology is applied to process a variety of materials. KEMOLO freeze-dried machine is used in all conceivable kinds of fruits, vegetables, meals, meat, shrimp, fish, seafood, pet food, plants, extraction; all kinds of biological products.

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